Monday, September 28, 2009

Bad Reputation for a Good Company

To everyone on the Internet who is not capable of thinking for themselves: Shy Enterprises is a good company to work for and they stand behind their employees and guarantees! Not all positions are always available all the time, like all companies, the positions fill quickly, no matter what a disgruntled ex-employee who worked for one day and demanded a full weeks pay check (Renzo Roberts) has to say. This person did not work for Shy Enterprises long enough to know anything about the company. What other company can you work for and get four FREE, FULLY PAID, SPOUSE INCLUDED, VACATIONS, just for doing your job? Where else can you take home over $1000 a week, just for doing your job? Where else can you work and receive $400 a week JUST FOR SHOWING UP ON TIME???!! Get with it people. You are believing one jerk who was too lazy to work. Shy Enterprises is a growing expanding company that guarantees rapid advancement, rapid enough advancement that in two years time you can OWN your own company. Shy Enterprises runs a lot of adds, and not all positions are for everyone, but in Michigan's economy (which Michigan has the highest unemployment rate in the country!) can you afford to turn your noses up at the opportunity to support yourself and your family? Try thinking for yourselves instead of depending on someone else to do your thinking for you.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Unfortunately, this young man seems to have failed at Shy Enterprises. Shy Enterprises has been part of the fortune 500 world for 17 years, Larry Shy must be doing the right thing. Not all the positions at Shy Enterprises are always available, they fill up quickly. Obviously this young man just didn't want to work. Yes the hours are long, but the free vacations four times a year (last year 2008, the Shy Enterprises employees who qualified for the trip, went to Brazil, all expenses paid, and was allowed to bring a spouse), the high dollar pay checks, the free ball games to see the Tigers, Pistons, Red wings and Lions with meals included make up for the hard work. But the person who applies for positions at any company, not just Shy Enterprises, has to be someone with integrity, good work ethics and good attitude. Like I said, not everyone fits into every company, nor every job, but it takes the right person, with good ethics to work at a good company and be successful at it.